3 Reasons Why HPE Nimble Will Revolutionize Information Management

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HPE Nimble Storage

3 Reasons Why HPE Nimble Will Revolutionize Information Management

Storage isn’t just important to a company because it’s a great place to keep data.
Having an efficient source for storage is also important because poor storage can slow down the rest of your IT infrastructure.
Therefore, to make sure your information management skills are always on the top of their game, investing in a great storage option is the way to go.
Among great storage options, few are more impressive than HPE Nimble and it’s compatibility with HPE InfoSight.

Why is HPE Nimble the Premier Storage System?

Finding the right storage system for your business can be difficult.
To ease the pain of endless browsing and second-guessing, here are 3 reasons to choose HPE Nimble.

1. Predicts and Prevents

When it comes to technology, there are a number of unforeseeable malfunctions that could occur at any time. This can throw a giant wrench in your information management.
With HPE Nimble’s AI-driven technology, however, it will actually predict and prevent any potential problems that may arise. Some companies have troubleshooting, but few are able to pre-troubleshoot.

2. Has the Cloud in Mind

While HPE Nimble offers hybrid IT infrastructure services, which include in-house storage, it’s built with cloud storage in mind.
This means that it’s primed for the future and will allow you to access your stored information from anywhere with an internet connection.
In fact, HPE Nimble has just recently implemented Peer Persistence, which allows organizations to do multi-site synchronous replication. This is perfect for occurrences like natural disasters, where one site’s information can be instantly replicated to another site before it’s damaged.

3. Works With HPE InfoSight

Once you have your HPE Nimble system set up, there’s no better way to manage your data than with HPE InfoSight.
HPE InfoSight uses AI to analyze millions of sensors every second. This means it can digitally transform and protect your storage infrastructure in a way that was never before possible.
When combined with HPE Nimble’s own AI capabilities, HPE InfoSight can be even more effective in its management tasks.

HPE Nimble Can Streamline Your Information Management

We’re living in the digital data age, which means information management isn’t just another aspect of your business. It’s a major part in being successful in the present and the future.
For this reason, investing in the best possible storage isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.
Thankfully, a HPE Nimble makes that decision-making process a little easier.
With its ability to predict and prevent problems, forward-thinking cloud technology, and natural partnership with HPE InfoSight, HPE Nimble is a great choice for any business.