A Beginners Guide to Using HPE Synergy

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using HPE Synergy

Modern technology is becoming more and more impressive by the day.
However, the most impressive technologies for the modern businesses are the ones that can offer a composable infrastructure platform with the range to work for traditional and forward-thinking business set-ups.
This kind of range is when technology truly proves its worth to businesses.
One of the most useful composable infrastructures is HPE Synergy.
What exactly is the benefit of this hardware and how do you make it work? Here’s a beginner’s guide to using HPE Synergy.

Why Should You Use HPE Synergy?

First of all, it’s helpful to understand what exactly HPE Synergy does.
HPE Synergy is a hardware system of servers, networking, storage, and power. Because it’s a hardware, it is compatible with the latest software. In other words, HPE Synergy is a catalyst to more advanced systems.
With HPE Synergy, you’re also able to control and allocate information technology resources with more ease than ever before. While technology is becoming more and more complex, HPE Synergy helps to streamline the direction process.

How Do You Use HPE OneView and HPE Synergy Together?

Because HPE Synergy is a hardware, it’s meant to run software. Therefore, to get the best use of HPE Syngery, you may consider combining it with a software, such as HPE OneView. Once you have combined HPE OneView and HPE Synergy, you can now access a range of new benefits.
First of all, HPE OneView enables you to manage the wide variety of HPE Synergy systems, which includes operation-driven and application-driven workloads.
In other words, think of HPE Synergy as the kitchen and HPE OneView as the cooking utensils.
You will also gain the benefit of HPE OneView’s automation capabilities, which is especially helpful when handling HPE Synergy’s wide range of capabilities.
This comes easy to HPE Synergy, because it has a HPE OneView application built into it, called HPE Synergy Composer. Therefore, when HPE OneView is installed, the set-up is extremely simple.

HPE Synergy is a Powerful Infrastructure

No matter how heavy or complex the load, HPE Synergy can help you carry it.
It provides users with hardware that can achieve the highest levels of efficiency in managing compute, storage, and fabric resources.
Used in conjunction with the right software, you’re able to easily manage HPE Synergy’s systems with management tools, which includes automation.
Whether you’re looking for infrastructure that can run any application, cloud-like speed, or automation, HPE Synergy is the hybrid transformation you need.