Digital Transformation

Digital transformation—being on the frontlines of innovation in technology—isn’t something that businesses or organizations can be skittish about.
No matter the industry, digital transformation is continually reshaping the way organization do business, whether it’s through data management, intelligent storage, or cloud computing.
When working with Bayanat Sudair, you can transform your digital presence through our expertise in the following areas.

Hybrid IT Solutions

As the name suggests, this is a method of IT that involves on-premises infrastructure and multi-cloud management.
In other words, it’s a way of attaining all the infrastructure solutions that an organization may require at different times.
Implementing a hybrid system on your own can be complicated, which is why it helps to have an IT solutions partner.


Intelligent Storage

Using intelligent storage, organizations can have AI adapt to their storage environment and better manage data.
This is necessary for a forward-thinking organization, due to the massive amount of data that intelligent storage can generate. All of this data can then be quickly accessed, managed, and analyzed, which has never been possible in the past.
Bayanat Sudair can help your organization develop intelligent storage using HPE InfoSight, flash storage, and HPE Nimble, among other technologies.

Data Availability

Running a business involves many moving parts, but they all fall under the umbrella of data. Because of this, your data must be protected at all costs.
For this reason, Bayanat Sudair offers backup, replication, and disaster recovery services. Think of it as insurance for your business’ data.
In addition to protection, Bayanat Sudair also wants to make sure that organization has hyper-availability access to their data, so it’s never out of reach.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are among the newest things on the IT scene and are a must for any modern organization.
By utilizing cloud solutions, Bayanat Sudair can provide Office 365, VM hosting, Microsoft Azure, backup as a service (BaaS), and disaster recovery.
With the cloud by your side, nothing will get past you.

Security Solutions

Once data is backed up and dispersed wisely amongst your various storage options, you’ll need to make sure it’s safe from outside threats.
Using EndPoint, you can create an impenetrable wall around your servers, network, and data. This will prevent any external viruses, malware, or ransomware from infecting your network, users, or sensitive data.
With increased data security, you can turn your attention away from watching your back and focus on moving forward.
Even though venturing into the future is vital for the survival of a business, it can be dangerous to go alone.
Whether it’s installations, troubleshooting, data migration, project management, or website hosting, Bayanat Sudair can be your guide for this digital transformation.
We want to make your life easier, so you can make your business better.

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