HPE Gen10 Servers

HPE Gen10 servers are “The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Servers.

HPE Gen10 servers include Runtime Firmware Verification and Securely recover essential firmware

Many companies find it difficult to develop products or services quickly, with a rigid, inflexible infrastructure being the leading roadblock. IT infrastructure and operations simply were not built for this new set of demands and the complexity is increasing every day. Technology remains a top challenge to thrive in an era of digital disruption.

Today, hybrid IT is complex to manage, secure and optimize and involves compromise. Arriving at the right mix is a real dilemma for IT leaders who must make trade-offs based on the pros and cons of a hybrid environment distributed across their own data centers and someone else’s data center.

HPE is working to change that whole dynamic by removing the need for trade-offs. A new compute experience marries the best of both worlds – the pros of on-premises with the pros of off-premises.

Get the most out of applications and data with predictable performance and intelligent automation that can only come from an on-premises infrastructure by HPE Gen10 servers. Empowering you to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously. The agility to accelerate applications and business insight with an infrastructure that has dramatically reduced operational complexity for traditional workloads and increased operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services.

You need the confidence in knowing that its infrastructure has built-in protection against acts that disrupt business or compromise sensitive data. HPE servers are based on the belief that infrastructure should be the strongest defense, armed with the latest innovations to prevent, detect and recover from security attacks

HPE has invested significant time and resources into its Secure Compute Lifecycle, and is confident that HPE Gen10 servers are the most secure industry standard servers on the market – from supply chain, system operations, and data flow, all the way to end-of-life safe disposal

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