Hyper Converged Bundles

Hyper-Converged Bundles and Add-Ons: The Ideal IT Solution for Startups

Hyper Converged  is an all-in-one, software-defined virtualization solution with a new operating environment

Every company – large or small – needs its IT Infrastructure and Software Systems to perform reliably and consistently. The success of your business could likely depend on your technology selection, system implementation, and support infrastructure.

For customers who are looking for a configurable, scalable, agile, and highly available hyper converged virtualization system, Bayanat Sudair have HPE Hyper Converged Bundles to delivers a simple solution stack with extended flexibility and manageability. Bayanat Sudair Bundle Based on ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server which is securely designed to reduce costs and complexity and is combined with VMware vSphere Software.

BS bundle

Adaptable for diverse workloads and environments, the secure 2P 2U HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 delivers world-class performance with the right balance of expandability and scalability

Bayanat Sudair provides complete, end-to-end Hyper Converged IT Solutions that are cloud-ready and bundled according to your needs.Bundles include computing, storage, networking, and software HCI Solutions with Hypervisors from VMWare.

Options include:

  • HC HQ
Option A Option B
Nodes 3 3
Total Processor 3 6
Total Physical Core
36 72
Total vCore 72(Rate 1:2 ) / 144( Rate 1:4 ) 144(Rate 1:2 ) / 288( Rate 1:4 )
Total RAM 192 384
Usable Capacity 6TB 15TB
Connectivity 10GB 10GB
vSAN Standard Standard
  • HC DR
Option A Option B
Nodes 2 2
Total Processor 2 4
Total Physical Core 24 48
vCore 48 (Rate 1:2 ) / 96( Rate 1:4 ) 96 (Rate 1:2 ) / 192( Rate 1:4 )
Total RAM 128 256
Usable Capacity 5TB 10TB
Connectivity 10GB 10GB
vSAN Standard Standard

Each different hyper converged bundle provides for your organization’s Virtual CPUs, RAM, Data Storage, and Software needs. The bundles are expandable so that your IT Infrastructure can grow along with your business.

Additional add-ons allow you to customize your product according to your exact business requirements.

Some of the add-ons are:

  • VMware Essential Kit for HQ and VMware ROBO for DR
  • VMware vSphere and vCenter
  • Veeam Backup and Replication Essential Kit

Why Hyper Converged Bundles Are Ideal for Startups and Branch Offices

IT Infrastructure is an overhead every business faces. A big part of ensuring your overall success is finding the right balance between system expenditure and operational efficiency and productivity. New companies can struggle with growing their IT infrastructure, as upgrades can become expensive, sporadic, and cyclical due to budget constraints.

Deciding to implement an HCI solution means you only get what you need and can expand the system as your requirements change or increase.

The HC Bundles can save you time, money and effort when compared to implementing traditional IT services and support systems. It also simplifies the IT system’s complexity while retaining the overall scalability.

HC System Architecture and Solution Partners

Bayanat Sudair partners with the top vendors in each of the virtualized, digital transformation spheres. The system uses state of the art software-defined virtualization.

A cohesive, robust, and always-on virtualized IT System can be implemented by combining the latest technologies available.

The main technologies and architectures utilized are:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Servers and Hardware
  • VMWare vSphere Server Virtualization
  • VMWare vSAN – Software-defined Data Storage
  • Veeam – System Backup and Administration

The system is also cloud-ready, so can connect to either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

A Complete, Software-Defined IT System Solution

Support & Management

Bayanat Sudair also provides support and management services, taking complete responsibility for your IT System’s integrity and performance, leaving you with one less headache.

You will have 1 Year SLA Remotely as Free of Cost from BS for Bayanat Sudair Bundles

Size & Scale

Customized with small to medium enterprises in mind, the bundles provide basic IT Infrastructure and data centers quickly and conveniently, making it a perfect solution for Startups.

Scalability and Configuration Per Node

  • Processor: Choice of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Up to 28 Core
  • Memory: 24 DIMM Up to 3TB
  • Capacity : Up to 24 SFF HDD
  • Power: Redundant

State of the Art Solutions

As a software-defined system, it also eliminates hardware-specific dependencies, is entirely software controlled while remaining programmatically extendable.

Bayanat Sudair’s IT Services and Implementation

If you are responsible for implementing a new IT System – or even synthesizing a legacy system – for a small to medium enterprise, contact us today to discuss your Hyper-Converged Bundle requirements.

Hyper Converged Systems

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