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HPE SimpliVity is the Hybrid IT Infrastructure You Need

When there is an argument between two ideas, the answer often lies in the middle.
The same rule applies with IT infrastructure, as there is some contention between the in-house and cloud-based camps.
With hybrid IT infrastructure, you don’t have to choose between the two. You get both.
But not all providers of hybrid IT infrastructure can offer the same quality of service as HPE.
Here are a couple of the reasons why HPE SimpliVity is the hybrid IT infrastructure you need.

Why is HPE SimpliVity’s Hybrid IT Infrastructure Impressive?

HPE SimpliVity hybrid IT infrastructure comes with a host of benefits that not every provider can boast of.
One of those benefits is software-defined infrastructure. What this means is that previously complex systems, like servers and storage, are simplified into an easily automated system based in code.
Another benefic that HPE SimpliVity can offer is multi-cloud management. While being able to access data from an in-house or off-premises source is useful, it can also be hard to juggle. HPE streamlines that process and makes it user-friendly.
HPE SimpliVity also offers a service specifically for Microsoft Azure Stack, which extends Azure’s services to the data center.

What Can HPE SimpliVity Work With?

HPE SimpliVity can work in conjunction with a number of HPE’s other services.
One of their most popular services is HPE OneView. This is an infrastructure management software that specializes in automation, collaboration, and speed.
They also have HPE Synergy, one of their premier services. HPE Synergy’s infrastructure consolidates physical and virtual storage into a single interface.
Lastly, there is HPE OneSphere. This service focuses on multi-cloud management, which greatly increases your ability to optimize your hybrid IT infrastructure to get the most out of it.

You Can’t Go Wrong with HPE SimpliVity

As with any form of technology, you have a lot of options when it comes to picking out a hybrid IT infrastructure.
With HPE, one of the most popular tech companies on the planet, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing them.
HPE’s SimpliVity can simplify complex systems, achieve multi-cloud management, or compliment the other services you use, such as Microsoft Azure Stack.
It will also work with HPE’s other offerings, such as OneView, Synergy, and OneSphere. Working with HPE SimpliVity, each of these services offers unique features that will streamline your workload and take your company into the future.
HPE SimpliVity can make it happen.
All you have to do is give it a try.