Benefits of Using Veeam Backup with HPE Solutions

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Why You Should Use Veeam Backup with HPE Solutions

Having all of your business information compiled into virtual data take a huge weight off your shoulders and clears up quite a bit of physical space.
But that’s not to say that digital storage doesn’t come with its fair share of setbacks.
There’s nothing scarier than potentially losing all of your digital information due to an accident, whether it be physical or a digital malfunction.
Therefore, it’s always wise to have a backup app, just in case anything goes wrong.
One of the best backup apps on the market is Veaam Backup, which has even greater functionality when paired with HPE solutions.
For the details, here’s why you should use Veeam Backup with HPE solutions, such as HPE Nimble.

How Does Veeam Backup Work?

Veeam Backup is quite simple.
It’s an application that can work with any virtual environment built with Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. Once it’s applied, Veeam Backup will start living up to its name.
But providing backup to your virtual data is only the beginning. The application also features replication and restore functionality, which means your data has several safety nets to catch it before something goes wrong.
Veeam Backup utilizes image-based replication, which doesn’t involve images as you might think. Instead, it creates a copy of the entire operating system, data and all, then saves this information as one file. This file is called an image.
When it comes to accessing backups from off-site premises, Veeam Backup employs built-in WAN acceleration. Meaning that it uses TCP/IP optimizations, caching, and variable block length data fingerprinting to make accessing off-site backups 50x faster.
Veeam Backup also supports direct storage access, which is a fancy way of saying that backups can occur directly from primary storage.

What are the Benefits of Using Veeam Backup with HPE Nimble?

First of all, now that we know about Veeam Backup, we should probably get an understanding of HPE Nimble.
HPE Nimble is a form of flash storage technology that has self-managing capabilities. Flash storage is a type of intelligent storage that utilizes flash memory, which makes it easy to transfer, erase or reprogram.
By combining Veeam Backup with HPE Nimble, you get two technologies that complement each other considerably.
Naturally, with Nimble being flash storage, a backup app is going to be a good idea. But because of flash storage’s maneuverability, it’s at a greater risk of being corrupted or lost than other types of storage that sit in a single place.
For this reason, specifically, having Veeam Backup as your flash storage’s bodyguard as it travels the world is a wise move that you’ll probably come to appreciate.
You’re also able to architect the particulars of the integration between HPE Nimble and Veeam Backup, to fit the platform to suit your needs.
It’s also important to know that HPE Nimble offers always-on access, which means you can quickly grab information from intelligent storage when you need it. Always-on access can provide improved space saving with Veeam Backup and HPE Nimble’s secondary arrays, too.
In addition to HPE Nimble, Veeam Backup can also work with HPE InfoSight, an AI-driven technology that transforms and manages your IT infrastructure.

Veeam Backup and HPE Nimble Make a Great Team for Intelligent Storage

Some technologies are best enjoyed alone, while others never truly come alive until they come together under a common banner.
With Veeam Backup and HPE Nimble, that banner is making sure you have both easy access to your data storage, while still retaining a level of security.
After all, security loses much of its luster if it becomes impossible to access data. Likewise, the easy access to data doesn’t seem so great if you’re constantly losing information.
With Veeam Backup and HPE Nimble, you can be safe and efficient all at once.